Direct Mail Delivery Tracking Services

Website provides revolutionary new Real-Time direct mail delivery tracking services.

Mail delivery tracking reports are updated online live as soon as mail arrives. Reports are dynamically changed throughout the day. In fact, looking at reports you may notice changes taking place on the screen while mail is reported by our agents. Any time of the day you can view, print or download most recently updated mail delivery tracking reports. Many companies offer direct mail delivery tracking services utilizing postal IMB codes. IMB code tracing does not provide information on when direct mail is actually received. tracks delivery of advertising mail such as catalogs, circulars, coupons, pre-approved credit card applications, and other commercial merchandising materials to recipient addresses. employs thousands of agents who report direct or periodic mail arrival online.
Although these agents are carefully selected and trained, revolutionary new online data entry interface does not leave any room for errors or typos.
Directly online our clients can set up new mail jobs, select tracking names and tracking mail recipient (agent) locations. For geographically targeted direct mailing or advertising campaigns recipients can be selected in variety of ways. Clients can choose a certain number of agent locations either per state, or per NDC Facility (formerly known as BMC), or per Postal District, or per Postal Area. Clients can pick a different name for each mail job or keep the same one. List rental security services are available as well.